July 9, 2019


US billionaire Ross Perot died at the age of 89 years Ross Perot dead or alive ?

He became one of the richest men in the US by the economic crisis child, and twice in presidential elections in the 1990s. Now Ross Perot died.

The Texas entrepreneur and billionaire Ross Perot died at the age of 89 years. This was announced by a spokesman for the family. “Ross Perot, the pioneering entrepreneur and loving husband, brother, father and grandfather, died early Tuesday morning at his home in Dallas, with his family,” the statement said.

Perot grew up as a child in Texarkana, Texas. The severe US economic crisis was followed by the Second World War , then the turbulent post-war years. His first money earned Perot as a newspaper carrier on the back of a pony.

In 1953 he graduated from the US Naval Academy. There he first came in contact with computers, with which he should make a fortune later.

At 38 to the billionaire

In 1962, Perot founded his own IT services company “Electronic Data Systems” in Dallas and at the age of 38 became a billionaire. In 2012, the US magazine Forbes estimated Perot’s fortune at $ 3.4 billion.

He became known in 1979, when he financed the rescue operation by ex-elite soldiers of the US Army after a hostage-taking by employees of his company in Iran. An action that later became a book and a movie.

Perot’s wealth and fame also helped him in the 1990s, when he ran twice as a presidential candidate.┬áThe eccentric billionaire tried it in 1992 as an independent candidate, in 1996 as an applicant for the reform party he had founded.#

2-time presidential candidate and self-made billionaire, is dead

He made it to the White House , but in 1992 he landed with 19 percent in third place behind the Democratic winner Bill Clinton and the Republican George Bush . Later, he got only eight percent of the votes.

In the election campaign, Perot spent $ 63.5 million and bought 30-minute commercials for himself. In the spots he used maps and graphics to explain his point of view – and a phrase that became a national proverb: “It’s just that simple” – “It’s that simple”. In the 2016 election campaign, many compared today’s President Donald Trump with Perot.