July 8, 2019


The fail of the week: Instead of Langenbruck BL showed the Patrouille Suisse on Saturday their flying skills in the neighboring village. The reason makes one sit up.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the Swiss aviation pioneer Oskar Bider, the Patrouille Suisse should have skimped over its birthplace Langenbruck BL on Saturday to show a 15-minute flying mission.

But the aviation fans waited in vain for the aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force. Because instead of Langenbruck the Patrouille Suisse accidentally headed for the neighboring town of Mümliswil-Ramiswil SO. There was the Northwestern Switzerland Yodlerfest instead. “This is a bit embarrassing for the A team of Swiss airspace surveillance,” says a visitor to 20 minutes.

Swiss air force wrong fly-by
Swiss air force wrong fly-by

Army spokesman Daniel Reist explains the error as follows: Between the two places lie only a few kilometers as the crow flies. “The leader of Patrouille Suisse saw the large festival area with a marquee in Mümiswil approaching.” He then flew over this area.

In case of emergency such a confusion could not happen, as the F5-Tiger would no longer be used in Hot Missions. The aircraft had no GPS. “You navigate with map, felt-tip pen and sight.” The tigers are equipped with navigation instruments that are already over 40 years old, he continues to the online portal.

Incidentally, the next appearance of the aerobatic team will take place on 27 July in Spiez. The place on Lake Thun should be easier to find.