July 11, 2019


A passenger on American Airlines had to cover herself with a blanket because her outfit was supposed to be “inappropriate”

A Houston-based doctor in the US state of Texas accuses airline American Airlines of exposing her to her son and other passengers. A flight attendant would have asked her on her flight from Jamaica to Miami, Florida, to cover herself with a blanket because of her tight summer clothes. 

Latisha “Tisha” Rowe, a pediatrician and founder of a telemedicine company, spent a week in Jamaica with her eight-year-old son earlier this month. Before returning to Miami, they reportedly escorted flight attendants after boarding and told them that their clothes were unacceptable. If she did not cover herself, she should not stay aboard.

The mother then posted a photo of her outfit on Twitter, where she described the incident.

Tisha Rowe American Airlines
Tisha Rowe American Airlines

Rowe did not think her outfit was inappropriate. Speaking to Business Insider, she says she even looked in the mirror before boarding to see if she was adequately covered. 

“I turned around, looked at my back and behind, and thought, All right,” she says. “I grew up in a very conservative family. If my shorts were too short, my dad would not let me out of the house. That’s why I always look ahead. “

Flight attendant asked the doctor about the outfit from the plane

According to Rowe, double standards are often used when determining which outfits are appropriate. Often the judgment is based on body shape and ethnicity. 

“I have curves and like bright colors, that’s why I’m falling. But that is not vulgar. That is not inappropriate. Or evil. If you put someone of size S in the same outfit, you would not have cared, “she says. 

Rowe would have entered the plane without any problems and was almost in place when a flight attendant told her that she needed to talk to her outside the plane. Another flight attendant would have taken her to the tarmac.

“There was no explanation why I should leave the plane,” says Rowe. “And all of a sudden, she just said, ‘Do you have a jacket with you?'” She said no, whereupon the flight attendant told her that the crew thought her clothes inappropriate. If she does not change or cover, she can not get back in. 

“I did not yell, but defend myself. I thought my clothes were appropriate, so where was the problem? “She says. Her son, who was standing next to her at the time, is said to have looked ashamed and fought the tears. 

“Then my maternal protector instinct started. I thought, how can I save the situation? “She says. So the mother asked for a blanket and the flight attendant let her back on the plane.

“I did not feel like a paying customer” 

“I felt like I was at school with a mean classmate in the hallway. And I figured that was the only way to save the situation: not act like the paying customer that you are, “says Rowe. 

After wrapping the blanket around her waist, another flight attendant came over to tell her not to do a scene – even though Rowe had done everything to calm the situation. 

“I said, ‘I have complied with your request, so let me get on the plane.’ I repeated it three times before agreeing, “says Rowe. “Three times I have not spoken back, made no fuss and I just stood there with a blanket around my waist. Only then did they move aside to let me get on the plane. “

After landing in Flordia, Rowe went to the bathroom to take pictures of her outfit and talk about the Twitter incident.

The American Airlines Carriage Regulations, which passengers must agree to at time of booking, require that you dress appropriately. However, what is considered appropriate is not described in the document. “Dress appropriately, bare feet or overbearing attire are not allowed.”

Rowe thinks that her outfit was absolutely appropriate. “This is a normal summer outfit, what’s inappropriate about that?” She says. “I do not know how they came up with it.”

A spokeswoman for American Airlines said in a statement that the airline Rowes complaints and follow them. However, it had not been possible to contact Rowe. “We want to meet Dr. med. Excuse Rowe and her son for the circumstances, “it said in a statement.

Several incidents at American Airlines

It’s not the first incident that accuses American Airlines employees of discrimination. One passenger accused the airline of calling the police in April 2018 for wanting to fly “fat and black”. In October 2017, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People issued a travel warning to African Americans for American Airlines, which it withdrew in July 2018, according to Dallas News. 

Rowe hopes that in the future no more women will be asked for summer clothes from aircraft. “That should not happen to anyone. It should be fair and objective. Everyone should be able to fly as they want. “