July 14, 2019

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London – YouTuberin Emily Hartridge crashed on Friday. The 35-year-old was traveling with the e-scooter when she collided with a truck. She died at the scene of the accident.

Emily Hartridge was just 35 years old. She was a happy-go-lucky, as she is in the book – led a happy relationship, moderated TV shows and had a successful channel on the video platform YouTube, where she already had more than 344,000 subscribers.

YouTuber Emily Hartridge, 35, dies of e-scooter crash

YouTuber Emily Hartridge dies
YouTuber Emily Hartridge dies

Her subscribers thrilled her with topics such as mental and physical health. She was open about her own physical and mental work sites. 

The Briton had recently frozen her ovary tissue: The presenter wished to start a family and have children. 

Then the moment that would later change everything: Her friend Jake (27) gave her two e-scooters for her birthday – that’s what she reports in her latest video on YouTube, which she did not release four days before the disaster.

YouTuber Emily Hartridge dies

Emily Hartridge dies at the scene of the accident 

A little later, the terrible day of the disaster: At 8:36 am on Friday morning, police officers were called to the crash site, a crossroads in the south of London. A young woman had collided with a truck on her e-scooter. She died at the scene of the accident. This is reported by the British ” Sun “.

But how do you inform the subscribers of a social media star about his death? The relatives of the brunettes decided the following way: The day after the misfortune they published a touching post on the social network Instagram.

Hello everyone. It’s dreadful to announce this message through Instagram, but we know that many expect to see Emily here today and this is the only way to contact you all at the same time. Emily had an accident yesterday and died. We loved her over everything and she will never be forgotten. She has touched so many people, and we can hardly imagine life without her. She was a very special person. 

Thousands of Frohnatur fans expressed their condolences under the Instagram post. Rest in peace!