July 16, 2019

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Yiannis.P: After the death of Suzanne Eaton in Crete, the Greek Special Commission arrests a man named Yiannis Paraskakis. The 27-family man with two children is said to have volunteered to the police

The suspect admits to murdering US scientist Suzanne Eaton in Greece

Those who admitted the crime had a “passion” for nature and knew the caves of the island, which researched the relevant videos and uploaded them to YouTube. He had done the same with the cave where he hid the 60-year-old body!

The 27-family man named Yiannis Paraskakis murder Suzanne Eaton in Crete, the Greek
The 27-family man named Yiannis Paraskakis murder Suzanne Eaton in Crete, the Greek

The murderer of the scientist was found. He is said to have been arrested and the crime was confessed to Yiannis P Γιάννης Παρασκάκης

A suspect confessed on Monday that he had killed US scientist Suzanne Eaton on the Greek island of Crete.

A young man from Crete is said to have confessed the killing of the Dresden scientist Suzanne Eaton on the Greek island. This was reported by the police of the Western Crimean port city of Chania on Tuesday. “He confessed and will be brought to justice (on Tuesday afternoon),” a police spokesman said at a Crete press conference televised by television.

The alleged perpetrator – son of a priest, married, two children – have admitted to having hit the biologist twice with his car. The victim was injured. “I had to do that,” the man told the police. Nothing works well in his life.

Suzanne Eaton was attacked, raped and killed in Crete

Priest’s son, married, two children – the profile of the suspect in the murder case of Suzanne Eaton.Then he should have thrown the woman in a shaft.

The 27-year-old suspect, who was not immediately identified, was brought to interrogation and confessed to the murder, the police told CNN.

He was a “voyeur” and “excited” when he saw the woman, reported the generally well informed news portal “Cretalive.gr”.

The forensic examinations are still ongoing, as a police spokeswoman announced on Tuesday on. It should be clarified whether the perpetrator Eaton smothered himself or whether she could not breathe because of her rib fractures and died of it. The police had come on the track of the alleged perpetrator by shooting a surveillance camera, a mobile phone tracking and tire marks.

Further details in this case are expected to be announced on Tuesday, police said in Crete.

An autopsy revealed that Eaton died of suffocation after the airways of the mouth and nose were blocked.

Her body will be flown to Frankfurt on Tuesday.

Eaton was missing on July 2, when she was believed to have run to a science conference on the island.

Dead body found on Monday

The alleged perpetrator brought the woman after the killing in a grotto that had expanded the Wehrmacht during the German occupation of Crete in the Second World War as ammunition and weapons storage, as the authorities announced in recent days. The investigators therefore assumed that the perpetrator came from the region.

The body of the native American Suzanne Eaton was found Monday last week. She had participated in a meeting of experts in the small port town of Kolymbari and on July 4 had set off on a hike from which she did not return.

Family and friends had been looking for her for days. Hikers then found the body in the cave near the village of Maleme, about eight and a half kilometers from Kolymbari.

Two locals spotted Eaton’s body and Kreta’s police chief Konstantinos Lagoudakis revealed he was found walking 200 feet in a cave that served as a Nazi bunker during World War II.

Video: here the murderer of Suzanne Eaton uploaded a video on Youtube. Passion for the nature and the caves of the island of Greece.

3 responses to Yiannis Paraskakis is the killer of Dr. Suzanne Eaton

  1. Morsi X July 16th, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    I think that Yiannis Paraskakis is a fine young man & he is innocent of all accusations.
    This is clearly a Zionist sex ring that was set up by Israelis.


  2. Morsi X July 16th, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    He was a public target because of a few YouTube videos. Private Security Companies, using Israeli Software, can fake entire data histories, cell phone GPS and even fake create YouTube videos.
    None of this electronic evidence, including the YouTube videos, can be trusted by citizens.


  3. Roy Bassa August 8th, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Morsi X, nice trolling. Yeah I know most people will blame the jews and Israelis for anything. Its sad. Hope people will support the ones who want peace.


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