August 9, 2019

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The woman went to court. Due to the implications of the appeal, Anglin was sentenced to a total fine of more than $ 14 million , NBC News reports . The verdict has yet to be confirmed by the competent supreme judge of the Missoula district.

Called to “Trollsturm”

In 2016, Anglin wrote a post in which he told Gersh to lead a campaign against the mother of Richard Spencer, a leader of the “white nationalists” and father of the term “alt-right”, who lives in the same place in Montana. He accused her of putting pressure on the woman to sell her house.

He called for an “old-fashioned Troll Storm” and published in a row, her address, phone number and the name of the Twitter account of her 12-year-old son. “Tell them your Jewish agenda is making you sick (…) Calling these people and / or sending them a quick message is very easy,” he wrote.

Highest sentence

Gersh then sought support from the human rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center. She reported hundreds of anti-Semitic messages and threats. The family still receives such messages. She wanted to stop this “terror” with this lawsuit and to make sure that nobody else would have to go through this kind of thing.

The court allowed her compensation of over $ 4 million. Furthermore, Anglin was sentenced to a fine of ten million dollars, which was used to the maximum. In addition, an order was issued to immediately remove all articles published in connection with Gersh from the Daily Stormer site. These are still online.

Neo-Nazi probably submerged

Anglin himself refused to appear at a hearing scheduled for April. His lawyers then withdrew from their mandate. The judgment was also pronounced in the absence of the defendant.

It is not the first million fine imposed on Anglin. In June, he was sentenced to $ 4.1 million for similar crimes against Muslim radio host Dean Obeidallah, also in absentia. The neo-Nazi propagandist should have disappeared in the meantime. 

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