August 12, 2019


After the heavy monsoon weather in southern and western India, the death toll has risen to more than 150. The hardest hit was the southern federal state of Kerala with at least 60 dead. 34 people died in neighboring Karnataka and 30 in the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Ajeet Pattankudi lives in Kerala and experienced the flood firsthand: “It took at least five or six days, everyone is stuck in the flood, even the animals, the people have many problems, the water has come from all directions and is in the houses flowed. “

Rescue teams continued to search for people in need on Sunday.

Flood damage has also been reported from other states, including Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. In total, over one million people were affected by the effects of the storm.

The monsoon usually lasts in South Asia until September. Although rainfall is vital for agriculture, they also cause great damage over and over again. In July, there were dozens of deaths in the northeastern states of Bihar and Assam.

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