September 1, 2019


A video appeared on the web of chasing a man who killed five in Texas Odessa and injured more than 20 people.

They managed to stop the shooter only after law enforcement officers blocked the road with cars and cut the mail van. The driver refused to lay down his arms and was shot on the spot, CNN reports.

The video was shot by random eyewitnesses

Another shooting case occurred on Saturday in the United States. As Odessa police chief Michael Gerke reported, it all started when a patrol officer at 15:17 local time (23:17 Moscow time) stopped a golden Honda car during a spot check on the road.

The driver shot an employee, drove west towards Odessa and shot another man along the way. The suspect opened fire on defenseless people two more times, in the interval between shots he threw a car and hijacked a postal van. 

Near the Cinergy Cinema, a shootout occurred between the suspect and law enforcement officers. According to the latest police, five people were killed, 21 civilians were injured, a patrol officer and two police officers from Midland and Odessa were injured.

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