October 6, 2019


Five people from a family were killed in the Austrian ski village Kitzbühel. The perpetrator should be a little boy, reports the Tyrolean press. He called the police early in the morning and stayed there.

According to Kronen Zeitung victims are   the boy’s ex-girlfriend and four of her family members (three men and one woman). He would have acted out of jealousy.

5x homicide

The act is said to have taken place in a family house in the district Vordergrub. The alleged perpetrator drove to where the family man opened the door for him. He would have shot the man. According to Austrian media, the house was also the home of the ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, as well as her mother and her brother. 

The Austrian police will give a press conference at noon. Mayor Klaus Winkler was deeply shocked: “We have never had such an incredible tragedy in Kitzbühel.”

The suspect is said to be based in Tyrol.

Five times murder in the noble Kitzbühel !!! Teenager kills his girlfriend and her family.