October 17, 2019

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Production in China Tesla is allowed to build electric cars in Shanghai

esla is included in China’s list of approved carmakers and is now allowed to start producing electric cars. A factory already exists in Shanghai.

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla may start with its production in China. The California company was added to the list of government-approved automakers, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said. The government thus granted a certificate, which the electric car manufacturer needed for the start of production in China. Tesla himself did not take any position.

The group has already built a plant in Shanghai for $ 2 billion. The production site is Tesla’s first plant abroad. In October, Tesla wants to start building electric cars in China. By the end of the year, the car maker wants to produce at least 1000 vehicles of the model 3s per week. This should boost sales in the world’s largest car market and avoid import duties for US cars. However, as there are still uncertainties about workers and suppliers, it is still unclear whether Tesla can meet its production targets.

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