October 17, 2019


Country star Gretchen Wilson’s hit song, “Here for the Party,” features the lyrics, “And I ain’t leaving till they throw me out.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist lived up to those lyrics this weekend after Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces in New Mexico asked the artist to leave “in the middle of the night for no reason,” she said. 

Wilson called for a boycott of the property, claiming she was kicked out by police just hours after her headlining performance at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival. 

“Was a guest in Las Cruces, NM, yesterday and had a blast with the people there. However, you should all band together to put Hotel Encanto out of business,” Wilson tweeted to her fans. “Had to wait 2 hours for breakfast. Then they sent the police to kick me out in the middle of the night for no reason. I complied. Home early.” 

On Tuesday, she replied to her own tweet, stating: “I got off stage at 11:30pm. At 12:30pm I was only talking in my room. The hotel informed me that QUIET HOURS started at 10pm. Wrong hotel for 3rd shifters.”

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