November 9, 2019

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Berlin Friedrichshain: 30 years fall of the Berlin Wall a completely normal miracle

  • Abroad, united Germany is sometimes perceived more as a normality than in the country itself. In many places, Germany is considered an attractive country with stable political conditions.
  • With the fall of the wall 30 years ago the worries about an excessive dominance of Germany were connected. Today, more German leadership is required in Europe.
  • The alignment between East and West will in some cases take longer than expected, says the Chancellor.
9 novembre 1989 - 9 novembre 2019

From the balcony of the chancellery on the 8th floor you have the ideal view: the Bundestag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Spree. Some state guests tell Angela Merkel from here where she lived and worked during the GDR. And where the wall was that fell on November 9, 30 years ago. Guests who visit here for the first time sometimes ask them if they’ve ever been to Berlin before 1989 – and in which part of the city. “Personally, I often tell myself that I never dreamed of standing here like this,” says Merkel in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung .

In these days around the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , Merkel receives many guests, with whom no small talk is necessary for getting to know each other. They are all pretty good friends. Even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Merkel on Friday for the second time within a few months at the Chancellery. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has known Merkel for many years, the future EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for many more years – and the time together with Emmanuel Macron, who has announced himself for Sunday, Merkel sometimes seems quite a long time ago.

Thus, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin
Thus, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has, despite the central commemoration ceremony on Saturday, in which also participates Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, politically a busy character. The event will be celebrated and enriched with symbolism: Steinmeier has invited the heads of state of the four Eastern European states of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, which are associated in the Visegrád group.

Concern about the return of nationalism

This is intended to pay tribute to the special significance of the Eastern European countries for the peaceful revolution. Otherwise, however, the current issues are in the foreground, the state of NATO, German-American relations, Brexit and its consequences. The anniversary makes Berlin a kind of hive of diplomacy, in which so much diligent operation prevails that even Angela Merkel’s government spokesman on Friday late and breathless to the Federal press conference appears because he was stopped by the column of a foreign guest.

Berlin Wall
This routine is a good sign. After all, not even a year later, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification, there were worries about Germany’s over-dominance, even of a return of the nationalist dissenter to foreign affairs. Today the complaints that Germany is leading in Europe too little, rather louder than the accusation that Berlin imposes its will on partner states. And despite banger international looks at the electoral successes of the AfD Germany is in many places around the world as an attractive country with stable political conditions.

For decades, Berlin was a stage for world political stagings, first in the Cold War, then after the peaceful revolution of the GDR citizens – the city was particularly popular as a symbol with a historical backdrop of American presidents. The speeches by John F. Kennedy in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall and Ronald Reagan’s directly in front of the Wall have not only stuck to the collective memory of the Germans, but have also received a great deal of attention in the USA itself. After reunification, Bill Clinton was the first US president to enter the soil of the former GDR. President Barack Obama spoke on the east side of the Brandenburg Gate in 2013, evoking the spirit of peaceful change and progress in commonality.

Berlin wall. Martin Luther King.
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