November 13, 2019


Some key excerpts:

“Advisors brandished their knives, back-stabbing each other to get the jobs they wanted.

At the same time, a parade of job-seekers made the pilgrimage to Trump Tower in New York to pay homage to the incoming commander in chief, seeking a place on his short list. Most had conveniently changed their minds about the president-elect. Factions formed. Conspiracies to undermine potential candidates – while boosting others – were hatched and dissolved, sometimes in the same day. There was the Kushner camp, the

Bannon camp, the Conway camp, and others such as Penceland or the so-called Flynn-stones, acolytes of the anointed national security advisor. They were united at times and divided at others. This was a real-life version of ‘The Apprentice.’ ” continue reading