November 14, 2019

Politics news

A corporal wanted to feed several dogs in the kennel, as they attacked him and fatally injured. Only when colleagues eight hours later wanted to lock up free-running Belgian Shepherds again, they found the body.
Dog have killed a 31-year-old dog handler in a barracks in Austria. As the Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday in Vienna, the dogs have apparently attacked the corporal in the kennel complex. A colleague found him there with deadly injuries in the night on Thursday.

The 31-year-old went to the kennel on Wednesday around 16 clock to provide the dogs. About eight hours later, a duty officer noticed two free-running Belgian Shepherds on the barracks area. A dog handler, who wanted to lock the two animals back, then found the dead colleague.

The investigation of the police had already started, said the Ministry of Defense. “The federal army has set up an accident commission, which consists among other things of a veterinarian, a doctor and a legal expert,” it says in a statement.

Austrian Federal Army has 70 military dogs on duty
The Austrian Armed Forces currently use 70 military dogs. Of these, 41 Rottweiler, 15 Belgian and five German Shepherds and nine Labradors.