November 26, 2019


The (Denmark) Danish government has withdrawn the Danish passports from two men who joined the Islamic State group – the first such cases since the adoption of a new law last month.

Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye said Tuesday that his ministry is reviewing four cases in which “two have withdrawn their citizenship.”

The lawyer of one of the men – a 25-year-old man with dual Turkish nationality who is being sought after by Denmark – said that she learned of the decision on Monday and informed her client, whose whereabouts were unknown.

Mette Grith Stage told the Danish media that she would bring the verdict before Danish courts. The man is said to have joined the group in September 2013. Due to a court order, he can not be identified.

No information was given about the second man.

On 24 October, Danish legislators voted in favor of a law allowing the withdrawal of Danish citizenship from foreign fighters with dual citizenship without a court order.