November 27, 2019

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The revelations are spectacular, but the Ukraine affair does little harm to Trump so far. Now he should be listened to – an appointment is.

Washington. The pre-Christmas season is not necessarily pleasant for Donald Trump . The House Judiciary Committee has now set a first date to consider the impeachment trial.

On December 4 , therefore, is the first hearing in the matter. Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler explicitly invited the US President . He himself should attend the meeting – or be represented by a lawyer.

Trump has the choice: “He can take this opportunity to be represented at the hearings on impeachment or he can stop complaining about the process.” He hopes that Trump will choose it, either directly or through a lawyer to participate in the investigation, said Nadler.

Nadler’s letter to Trump stated that the hearing should serve as an opportunity to debate “the historical and constitutional foundations” of an impeachment process. It will also discuss “whether your alleged acts justify the House of Representatives exercising its authority to adopt impeachment articles”.

With the hearing in the Judiciary Committee, the Democrats’ preparations for a possible impeachment trial against the Republican president are entering a new phase. In recent weeks, the intelligence committee had questioned witnesses.

Donald Trump before impeachment? You have to know that:

  • With great hope, the Democrats sought to impeach Trump
  • With success: The allegations hardened
  • But: There is disillusionment, the interest is lower than expected, no one is really surprised about this US president
  • That could hurt the Democrats more than good

Twelve diplomats, including a highly decorated military, top officials and ambassadors with an excellent reputation, have underpinned the initial suspicion with a wealth of circumstantial and detailed accounts: Trump was the choreographer of an unconstitutional staging that threatened Russian-struck Ukrainian ally Ukraine Millions of pressure to move to a dirt campaign against his potential domestic rival in the 2020 election, Joe Biden .

For two weeks, America’s Democrats along this line have been bringing the Ukraine scandal to the nation’s living rooms for hours, with occasionally stifling live televised hearings on television.